Tow Impound Fees

Why are there additional fees associated with impounded vehicles?  
In an effort to recoup expenses, the Village of Rockton found that a fee of $500 was reasonable to impose upon vehicles that were impounded for certain offenses.  This fee is related to administrative and processing costs associated with the investigation, arrest and detention of offenders, inventory of property, and the removal of vehicle, impoundment storage, administrative hearings and release of vehicles. 
What are the outlined offenses in which the additional $500 fee is imposed? 
There are a many different offenses listed in the total of 13 violations outlined in the Village of Rockton Ordinance 71.110 in which the additional fine is imposed upon vehicle impoundment.
Some of these offenses include the following:  Fleeing to Elude, DUI, Possession of Cannabis or Controlled Substances, Theft, Retail Theft, Driving while license suspended or revoked, No valid driver’s license, warrants, most misdemeanors or felony offenses.  
Do I have to pay the $500 impound fee to get my car back? 
Yes.  Prior to an Impound Administrative Hearing, you will need to pay $500 CASH or CREDIT CARD payment.  NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 
Your payment may be paid:
  • In Person -At the Village of Rockton Police Department, 110 E. Main Street, Rockton, Il 61072.  Payment will be received at the Administrative window on non-holidays, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.  
  • Online - Follow this link
You can pay the $500 FINE and the administrator will make the arrangements with the tow company to release your vehicle after the associated towing and storage fees are paid with the tow truck company as well.  At this point, your car will be released and you are done with the impound fee process. 
You can pay the $500 BOND with a hearing request and the administrator will make the arrangements with the tow company to release your vehicle after the associated towing and storage fees are paid with the tow truck company as well.  At this point, your car will be released and you will be provided with an Impound Administrative Hearing court date.
NOTICE:  that should you request a hearing and the hearing officer sustains the impound that you will be subject to the imposition of additional costs associated with the hearing not to exceed $2500. 
What needs to be proved at the Administrative Court Hearing?   
Basically, a hearing officer will review the incident and determine whether or not the arresting and impounding officer had reason to believe, at the time of the impound, that the vehicle was involved in one of the 13 violations.   Quite simply, this is a low burden of proof.   
What if I wasn’t guilty of the crime associated with the impound and fees? 
The administrative court hearing on the Impound Fees and the Criminal proceedings are entirely 2 separate decisions in which one does not affect the other.   
What if I owned the car which was towed and I didn’t give the driver, who was arrested, permission to take my car?  Do I still have to pay the impound fees?
If your vehicle was actually STOLEN and a police report was filed to investigate the motor vehicle theft from where the actual theft occurred, the impound fees do not generally apply.     
What if I don’t want to pay the fine or get my car out of impound?   
The defendant / driver, owner of the car, and lien-holder will all receive a summons of the administrative hearing court date.  If no fines have been paid prior to this hearing, a judgement against the owner of the car will likely be imposed.  The owner may still have to pay a fine regardless of his/her willingness to abandon their car. 
Sometimes, the owners have signed the vehicle title of ownership over to the towing company as a means to remove themselves from the process.  This doesn’t necessarily remove them from the process as fines may still be imposed in court proceedings when the owner doesn’t appear in court.  Therefore, the owner still needs to appear in court to explain his/her intentions as it relates to vehicle ownership.
Vehicles not retrieved from the towing facility within 35 days after the administrative hearing court date shall be deemed abandoned and disposed of in accordance with the provisions of Article II of Chapter 4 of the Illinois Vehicle Code.