Chemtool Fire - 06/16/2021 @ 8:00 PM

Evacuation Zone Map Clarification: The first map attached, and the one that was posted to the Village’s Facebook page on Monday, was done quickly and uses the entire parcel as the point to create the one mile radius evacuation zone. This map includes commercial downtown Rockton and Settlers Park. The second map depicts the one mile radius evacuation zone using the center point of the parcel. Here is the explanation from WinGIS: “The original buffer was made 1 mile around the entire the parcel that ChemTool lies on. Because the need was immediate, and erring on the side of caution, the entire parcel was used because simply buffering a point doesn’t provide a true picture of what it means to be within “1 mile” of ChemTool. If the parcel is particularly large (as this is) some of that distance is lost just getting out off of the property, let alone 1 mile away from it. Now that there is a more specific location of the fire itself, we can redraw the buffer accordingly if you would like. That still, however, would be 1 mile away from a point, not the ChemTool property as whole.”

Our latest instruction from emergency personnel is to use the second map with the incident as the map point, not the parcel.


• Rockton Fire Chief Kirk Wilson stated that fire suppression efforts are ongoing, and the fire remains contained. 
• Air quality remains stable, and officials are removing the 3-mile mask zone recommendation. Those who have underlying respiratory conditions are advised to continue masking when outdoors. Officials will continue to monitor air quality.
• The one-mile evacuation zone continues for residents and businesses while the EPA continues rapid testing debris. 
• Officials continue to test water quality, and again encourage residents to not water lawns, etc. until further notice. 
• Please continue to check official website for updates. (LINKS TO LEFT)

We understand many of you are worried, you are exhausted, and we’re right there with you. Life and environmental safety remain officials’ top priorities.