Domestic Violence


 Rockton Police Department

Emergency ~ 911 Non-Emergency

Non-Emergency ~ 815-624-4351 

 Winnebago County Domestic Violence Assistance Center

Winnebago County Courthouse - 815-966-1284 Mon-Fri 8-5

REMEDIES (formally phase/wave) 815-962-6102 24 hours




 What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence occurs when a person uses physical or psychological abuse, threats, intimidation or harassment to control another person in a family, dating, household, or caretaker relationship.

 Are you a victim of Domestic Violence?

  • Does the person you love throw you down, slap, punch, kick or hit you?

  • Does the person you love choke you or force you to have sex when you don’t want to?

  • Does the person you love threaten to harm you, your children, family members, or pet?


If your answer is yes to any of these questions, it means you are involved in an abusive relationship.  You do not have to remain in the relationship if you choose not to.  Report domestic violence or abuse to the law enforcement agency in your area  

 What should I do if I am a victim of domestic violence or abuse?

Report the crime to the police immediately.  A police officer will investigate your complaint, complete a police report and may arrest your abuser.  If the police are unable to arrest your abuser at the time of your complaint the report will be forwarded to the State's Attorney's Domestic Violence Unit for follow-up investigation and possible arrest at a later date.

 What is an Order of Protection?

It is a court order prohibiting an abuser from striking, threatening, or harassing you. It may also grant you temporary custody of your children and possession of your home.

 Do I qualify for an Order of Protection?

You qualify if your abuser is your spouse, ex-spouse, someone you have a child with, live with or have lived with, have or have had a dating relationship with or are related to by blood or marriage.  Persons in abusive same sex relationships also qualify. You also qualify if you are disabled and you are abused by your caretaker. 

 To file for an Order of Protection contact:

Winnebago County Domestic Violence Assistance Center - Winnebago County Courthouse - 815-966-1284    

-or -

Remedies Rockford 516 Green St Rockford, IL 61102-2218 - 815.962.6102

Remedies Belvidere 2028 North State St Belvidere, IL 61008-1971 - 815.544.1866  

 I have an Order of Protection against someone. What should I do if they violate the Order?

Report the incident to the police immediately. If the police locate the violator they will most likely arrest and charge them with Violation of an Order of Protection.  Keep a copy of the Order of Protection in a safe place and show it to the police.  

 Emergency Safety Plan

Pack a bag ahead of time and keep it with a friend or neighbor you can trust.  Include credit cards, cash, extra clothes, for you and your children and a favorite play thing for each child.  Be sure to hide a set of car keys and house keys in a safe place in case you have to leave in a hurry.  When you leave, take medicine and important papers such as birth certificates for you and your children, health insurance information and social security card.