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It is the policy of the Rockton Police Department to investigate all complaints against department personnel, regardless of the source of such complaints.  Investigations of these complaints through standardized procedures demonstrates the Department's desire to provide honest, efficient police service and public confidence in its personnel.



A citizen complaint is defined as that action taken by a citizen to bring to the attention of the Department any police action that the citizen considers to be contrary to law, proper procedure, good order, or in some other manner prejudicial to the citizen, the police department, or to the community as a whole.



Whenever a citizen requests to file a complaint against a member of this Department, the on-duty supervisor will discuss the incident with the citizen.  Complaints should be made in person; however, if that is not possible, complaints may be reviewed over the telephone at (815) 624-4351 or via U. S. Mail.  If after discussing the incident with the supervisor, the citizen still desires to file a complaint, a Citizen Complaint Form (cp101) will be provided. A citizen complaint will not be accepted that involves only the citizen's contention that he is innocent of a charge placed against them by the officer.  Illinois law, 50 ILCS 725/3.8b requires that anyone filing a formal complaint against a sworn police officer must have a complaint supported by a sworn affidavit.


Online Feedback Form

The Rockton Police Department continuously strives to improve the level of service to the community.  If you recently had contact with the Department, we are asking for your assistance.  Please take a few minutes to complete our online questionnaire regarding your last contact with the Department.


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"Providing a Safe Community"